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    Are you a resident of Dublin who is looking for a reliable food destination for fast food takeaway cuisines? If yes, then don't hesitate to contact our restaurant, Fortes Takeaway. We, at Fortes Takeaway, offer a great variety of delicious and authentic fast food meals that can easily provide you an unmatched and compelling food taste. All of our food menus are prepared by the team of vetted culinary specialists who exactly know how to enrich your taste buds with finger-licking and lip-smacking fast food takeaway cuisines.  Are you now excited to enjoy a memorable food experience with our fast food meals? Well, in order to satisfy the food preferences of every individual customer, we are delighted to offer you an extensive variety of delicious fast food meals that include refreshing drinks, pizza, meal deals, burgers, chicken recipes, salads, deli, wraps, kebabs, tacos, and much more too. One of our popular and signature dishes is Daily Special 4. This dish is served with a freshly-baked 16-inches large Pizza with three toppings, yummy sauce, and a bottle of minerals.  If you are a pizza lover, then you will be glad to know that our food outlet serves an excellent variety of pizza recipes, such as Margherita (prepared with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce), Prosciutto (prepared with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and ham), Funghi (prepared with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and mushrooms), Pepperoni (prepared with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni), Sicilian (prepared with mozzarella cheese, tomato, peppers, olives, and pepperoni), and Hawaii (prepared with mozzarella cheese, pineapple, corn, and pepperoni) etc. Apart from that, our restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. For more details on our menu listings, please take your time to browse our extensive food menu.

    About Fortes Takeaway Dublin

    Fortes Takeaway features to be the perfect destination for ordering fast food takeaway cuisines. We offer a superior selection of heavenly-tasty fast food menus that are bound to lighten up your taste buds. Starting from burgers and pizzas to chicken nuggets and tacos - we strive to offer our customers the best food experience. Our food menus are not only tasty and delicious, but also they are equally healthy. To place an order with us, you can now visit our website, browse our food menu, pick up your favourite dish, and complete the transaction. We even allow our customers to place an order via our restaurant app. You can download our free restaurant app from Google play store or ios app store and install it successfully to your smartphone. Next, open our restaurant app on your gadget and place your order through it.


    Restaurant location Fortes Takeaway Dublin

    You can easily reach our venue since our outlet is situated in a prime location. Fortes Takeaway is located in Lower Dorset Street, Dublin. Are you in need of an urgent guidance for reaching our outlet or locating the venue? If so, give us a call and let our friendly and courteous executives assist you. So, why are you waiting now? Place your order with Fortes Takeaway and enjoy our tasty, healthy, and flavourful fast food takeaway meals.

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